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Root Canal Treatment in Canton  

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The health of your teeth is dependent on the condition of internal structures, which includes nerves and connective tissue. At Lifetime Dental, our endodontist Dr. Tang provides root canal treatments to our patients throughout Canton. With her years of expertise and the use of innovative technology, patients experience a pain-free procedure. Our goal is to save the natural tooth and enhance the health of your smile.

Root Canal Treatment in CantonWhat is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment completely cleans the inner systems of your tooth and removes inflamed or infected pulp. There are various reasons why pulp becomes infected or inflamed, such as:

- Advanced decay that reaches pulp
- Repeated dental procedures on a tooth
- A crack or chip 

If left untreated, this pulp can lead to pain or an abscess, and the infection can spread to the bone that supports the tooth.  At our Canton practice, we provide root canal treatment to save the tooth from further infection to prevent the need for extraction. An extracted tooth can cause further problems such as bone erosion, as healthy tooth roots support jaw bone health and other structures. 

Signs that you may need root canal treatment:

- An abscess (or a pimple) on the gums
- Sensitivity to temperature
- Toothache 
- Swelling or tenderness

Patients may find that they have all these symptoms or none, which is why it is important to visit Lifetime Dental Group routinely to monitor and preserve their health.

Root Canal Treatment in Canton

Dr. Tang and our professional staff provide comfortable treatment for patients with decayed and infected teeth. Root canal procedures require one or more appointments, depending on the severity of the infection. Our specialist thoroughly removes the infected pulp, nerve tissue, and bacteria through the top of the tooth. Once the tooth is cleaned, it is then sealed with a permanent filling or a temporary restoration, depending on whether additional appointments are needed. All teeth that require root canal treatment have a crown placed as a final restoration in order to protect the tooth.

Those who are afraid of the dentist, or may have a low pain tolerance, find that with Dr. Tang's experience, the procedure is a pain-free. Our staff is accommodating and puts you at ease by answering any questions, and ensures that you are comfortable throughout the procedure. At Lifetime Dental in Canton, we offer root canal treatment and dental restoration to eliminate pain, decay, and to restore the health and function of your tooth. 

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If you’re feeling severe pain caused by a toothache, or have noticed the development of an abscess, contact Lifetime Dental Group today to schedule your root canal treatment. 

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