Teeth Cleaning & Filling

Teeth Cleaning & Fillings in Canton & South Lyon Michigan | Compassionate Preventative Dentistry for the Whole Family

Teeth Cleaning & Filling - Michigan Dentist | Lifetime Dental Group - dentist-officeProfessional plaque removal and dental fillings are an essential part of preserving your beautiful smile for a lifetime.

People of all ages are at risk for a number of problems that affect their oral health. Issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, periodontal disease, and others are not only uncomfortable but can affect your appearance and overall health. In fact, gum disease has been linked to more serious conditions, such as heart disease.

Having professional teeth cleanings performed every 6 months is the more effective method for preventing and treating a wide range of oral conditions.

At your teeth cleaning appointment, an experienced dental hygienist will remove the built-up plaque and calculus that is the primary cause of gum and teeth issues. Additionally, you will receive x-rays and a teeth evaluation to detect cavities, breaks, jaw health, and other potential problems.

When advanced decay threatens the integrity of your tooth, a dental filling can save you from more serious issues.

There are three types of fillings available based on your needs:

Composite Fillings

The natural-looking solution to restoring your teeth. These fillings are designed to perfectly match your tooth color and is very difficult to detect.

Ceramic Onlays & Crowns

These ceramic restoration options are stain resistant, tooth-colored, and highly-effective.

Teeth Cleaning & Filling - Michigan Dentist | Lifetime Dental Group - teeth-cleaning-and-cavity-filling-family-dentist-officeThe importance of caring for and preserving the health of your teeth cannot be understated! Regular cleanings can prevent the need for more serious treatments in the future, and can keep your smile beautiful for years to come!

We believe that it’s important to always offer our patients the most advanced treatment options. We utilize the latest technology and methods that are less invasive, more comfortable, and highly-effective to ensure you receive the best dental care available.

For more information about our teeth cleaning and dental filling services, or to schedule an appointment, contact the location nearest you. Our offices in Canton and South Lyon are staffed by experienced dentists, exceptional dental hygienists, and an incredible support staff.