Dental Extractions

Tooth Extractions with a Focus on Comfort and Quick Recovery in Canton & South Lyon Michigan

Dental Extractions & Tooth Removal in Michigan| Lifetime Dental Group - tooth-extraction-pulling-and-removal-dentistWhen it comes to tooth removal, the experienced team at Lifetime Dental is here to make the experience as stress-free as can be!

There are many reasons why people of any age may need to have teeth removed. Advanced tooth decay, crowding, trauma, serious infections, and impacted wisdom teeth are just some of the issues that could result in a qualified dentist recommending a tooth extraction procedure.

At Lifetime Dental, we make an extra effort to ensure that your tooth extraction procedure is as quick and painless as possible. Using a combination of local and general anesthesia, and the most advanced equipment and techniques available to remove your tooth comfortable and with minimal impact to the surrounding gum line. This ensures that your recovery period and discomfort following the procedure is minimal.

What is the Tooth Removal Process?

Any tooth extraction procedure starts with an x-ray to assess the position of the tooth all the way down to the roots, as well as the surrounding bone. During this time, a patient assessment is also performed to pinpoint and potential complications or drug interactions based on the patient’s medical history.

Depending on the condition of the tooth, your dentist may decide to use either local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or a combination of both. Sedatives, such as nitrous oxide may also be utilized to make the experience completely pain-free!

After your tooth is removed, the surrounding bone is assessed to determine whether bone-grafting material is needed to preserve the bone volume, as bone density is an important part of securing an implant.

Dental Extractions & Tooth Removal in Michigan| Lifetime Dental Group - post-tooth-extraction-pulling-care-and-treatment-to-relieve-pain-and-swellingAfter Your Tooth Extraction

After the affected tooth is removed, the socket is cleaned, packed, and sometimes stitched. Moderate pain and discomfort, as well as some swelling, is to be expected for several days following your procedure. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, applying ice packs on the outside of the jaw, and avoiding hard and chewy foods can reduce discomfort and speed up the healing process.

For more information about tooth extraction procedures, or to schedule an appointment to have your teeth examined by an experienced dentist, contact the Lifetime Dental location nearest you. Our offices in Canton and South Lyon are staffed by experienced dentists, compassionate dental hygienists, and incredible support staff.