Dental Crowns & Bridges

Seamless & Natural Porcelain Crowns & Dental Bridges in Canton & South Lyon Michigan

Michigan Dentist - Dental Crowns & Bridges | Lifetime Dental Group - tooth-crown-dentist-servicesDental crowns are permanent prosthetic devices that are attached to existing teeth or implants to restore your perfect smile!

Dental crowns and bridges serve a number of purposes. In addition to providing the cosmetic enhancement of restoring your teeth, they also help prevent further complications. Crowns and bridges also protect and support your existing teeth, as well as prevent the deformations of the jawline that is often a result of missing teeth.

Type of Dental Crowns

Porcelain Ceramic Dental Crowns

Our office offers full Porcelain Ceramic crowns to provide our patients with the newest technology in crowns and bridges.  Designed to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, all porcelain crowns combine beautiful aesthetics with superior strength to ensure that your crowns not only look great, but last for years.

For more information about dental crowns and bridges, or to schedule an appointment, contact the location nearest you. Our offices in Canton and South Lyon are staffed by experienced dentists, exceptional dental hygienists, and an incredible support staff.