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Dental Equipment & Dental Safety

360 3D Panorex Digital Xray

Digital X-Rays and Digital 3D X-Rays are more accurate and are 90% safer than older Dental X-Ray equipment.  Make sure your dentist uses modern day, Digital X-Ray equipment.

Canton South Lyon Family Dentist x-ray equipment
Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound (usually from 20–400 kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solvent (sometimes ordinary tap water) to clean items.

Zoom WhiteSpeed: Light-activated whitening

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed uses an innovative and exclusive LED light to help you safely reach a brighter, whiter smile in less time. After your initial oral exam, the complete treatment takes just one office visit. Your procedure begins with a short preparation period followed by three 15-minute whitening sessions, with an optional fourth 15-minute session offered at the discretion of your dental professional.