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Dental Implants

Lifetime Dental – Implant Dentistry - Replace Missing Teeth in Canton, MI

If you are considering a treatment to replace missing teeth in your smile, dental implants are a great service that not only restores the function and appearance of your smile, but overall dental health as well. It’s important to find a dental practice that makes the entire process easy and comfortable. At Lifetime Dental, we offer the benefits of guided dental implant surgery for patients looking to restore their smiles. Canton MI Dental Implants - Restorations

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

What makes dental implants so effective is their ability to integrate into bone once placed. However, for a successful placement, it’s important to make sure that implants are situated properly. Traditional implant surgery has dentists using experience and guesswork to find the best implant placement sites, but Lifetime Dental offer guided dental implant surgery for efficient and successful dental implant placement.

Types of Implants at Lifetime Dental

With our dentists and specialists’ on-staff, we ensure patients receive quality dental care for every stage of their comprehensive dental treatment plan. At our practice, our board certified specialist performs dental implant procedures with up-to-date technology and techniques to ensure success and comfortable placement. Types of dental implants offered by our team include:

Single tooth dental implants: Patients who are missing just one tooth and want to conserve the surrounding healthy teeth can benefit from a dental implant; the whole tooth is restored without alteration of other teeth. 

Implant-Supported Dentures: Full dentures can be affixed to dental implants for a restoration without the use of adhesives. Implant dentures are permanent and comfortable alternatives to loose, traditional prosthetics.   

Implant-Supported Bridges: Traditional bridges need surrounding teeth as anchors to replace the missing tooth. With the use of dental implant, however, bridges are affixed to implants posts and neighboring teeth are unaltered. 

Overdentures: This snap-on denture is affixed by dental implants. Secured by special attachments, the dentures snap in place and ensure a stable and comfortable restoration of your smile.

Dental Implants at Lifetime Dental

All of our dental implants are done by a board certified specialist who is committed to our standard of excellence and provides compassionate care. Whether you’ve lost a tooth due to trauma or from advanced periodontitis, replacing teeth with a dental implant allows you to have a new smile, supported by a treatment that addresses overall health of your smile. As a replacement for a tooth root, the dental implant is secured in bone and nurtures jaw health. With the addition of a custom-made restoration, implants restore the whole missing tooth. Implants feel and function like natural teeth. Our variety of restorations can be manufactured to the likeness of your surrounding teeth.

At Lifetime Dental, we provide a comfortable experience, with innovative techniques, to make sure your implant restoration is implemented successfully. Let us help you find confidence in your smile, contact us today for more information about our dental implant services. 


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